`QUALITY IS FOREVER` is the founding principle of Quality Analyst & Labs P. Ltd. The company was started in year 2000 with a modest beginning and as it grew and attracted Quality Conscious consumers it was fully incorporated as a Private ltd. Company in year 2003.

 Today the company prides itself in the Trust reposed by the leading experts in the industry time and again for years and who felt finding Quality was by chance but remaining with Quality has been a wise choice.

 As we have gone by we have realized that the Expectations of our customers has grown day by day and Quality is an ever evolving concept. Therefore we endeavour to continually improve upon our products and services. Higher standards do not just happen by chance but one meets them through constant hard work and dedication over a period of time. We do realize how important are our analytical results to the success of other organizations, a human life, a process.

 We strive to set the new benchmarks in Quality responsibly as we move forward with our various partners and realize Quality is not by chance, it is by Choice. Choose us..!!